Apple Mail Keyboard Shortcuts

Apple Mail functions a lot differently than most PC based email programs–especially keyboard shortcuts.  Below you can find a list of time saving keyboard shortcuts for use with in Mail.  The “check” next to the keyboard shortcut notes ones that I use a lot.

Just in case you’re wondering what the “Command” or “Option” keys are, here’s a quick overview of the Apple key symbols:


Action Keyboard Shortcut
Open Activity Window Command-0
pastedGraphic.pdf Select Inbox Command-1
Select Outbox Command-2
Select Drafts Command-3
Select Sent Command-4
Select Trash Command-5
Select Junk Command-6
Select Notes Command-7
Select To Do Command-8
Select RSS Reader Command-9
Increase Font SIze Command-[+]
Decrease Font SIze Command-[-]
Align Left Command-[{]
Align Center Command-[|]
Align Right Command-[}]
Spell Checker Command-[:]
Flag Misspelled Words Command-[;]
Copy Entire Message Select Title → Command-C
Copy Selected Text to Find Command-E
Find for Current Message Command-F
Find Next Command-G
pastedGraphic_1.pdf Append Selected Messages to New Command-Option-I
Jump to Selected Text Command-J
Erase Deleted Messages Command-K
Toggle Deleted Messages (Hide/Show) Command-L
Minimize Window Command-M
pastedGraphic_2.pdf New Message Command-N
Reply Message to Sender Command-R
Reply Message to All Command-Shift-R
Save as Draft Command-S
Reveal Font Panel Command-T
Increase Quote Level Command-[‘]
Decrease Quote Level Command-Option-[‘]
pastedGraphic_3.pdf Attach File Command-Shift-A
Bounce to Sender Command-Shift-B
Reveal Colors Panel Command-Shift-C
pastedGraphic_4.pdf Send Message Command-Shift-D
Redirect Message Command-Shift-E
pastedGraphic_5.pdf Forward Message Command-Shift-F
Find Previous Command-Shift-G
Toggle Detailed Headers (Hide/Show) Command-Shift-H
Reply with iChat Command-Shift-I
Mark as Junk Command-Shift-J
Select All Related Messages Command-Shift-K
Mark as Flagged Command-Shift-L
Toggle Mailbox (Hide/Show) Command-Shift-M
pastedGraphic_6.pdf Get New Mail Command-Shift-N
Switch Between Rich/Plain Text Command-Shift-T
pastedGraphic_7.pdf Mark as Read/Unread Command-Shift-U
Paste as Quotation Command-Shift-V
pastedGraphic_8.pdf Add to Address Book Command-Shift-Y
Reveal Bcc Header Command-Option-B
Copy Font Style Command-Option-C
Select Search Field Command-Option-F
Delete Messages in Junk Mail Command-Option-J
Apply Rules to Selected Command-Option-L
New Viewer Window Command-Option-N
Show Plain Text Alternative Command-Option-P
Reveal Reply-To Header Command-Option-R
Move Selected to Last Working Mailbox Command-Option-T
Show Original Content Command-Option-U
pastedGraphic_9.pdf Paste Font Style Command-Option-V
Change Toolbar Style Command + Click Pill Button
Copy Message to Other Mailbox Option + Drag Message


Good luck with Apple Mail!

If you know of other shortcuts, share them with me.

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