Having personally switched to MAC I know first hand the pain and excitement of switching to MAC! You have the sleek new Macbook or iMac, you’ve converted your email. Now the real challenge: how in the world do you use this thing? Having been a PC user for years, I found difficult to shift from left to right brain thinking–at least that’s what it felt like to me. Some days I was inspired by the simplicity of the MAC and other days I was yelling at my display, what was Steve thinking?

You may be thinking about taking a class at the genius bar (see my previous post if that’s your first thought), but wait. There are lots of great online resources to help you discover how to use and improve your new MAC or keep you update on the latest Mac news. Here are my two favorites:
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Today I received an email from a satisfied customer with this statement:

“Although Mac OSx Mountain Lion’s PC Windows Migration Assistant says it migrates emails, it doesn’t”

It’s true.  For moving files, photos and music, sure it’s great.  But what about the important stuff?  Email!?  Contacts!?

You’re on your own.
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Apple Mail functions a lot differently than most PC based email programs–especially keyboard shortcuts.  Below you can find a list of time saving keyboard shortcuts for use with in Mail.  The “check” next to the keyboard shortcut notes ones that I use a lot.

Just in case you’re wondering what the “Command” or “Option” keys are, here’s a quick overview of the Apple key symbols:

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Ready to shed Outlook Express and sticking to your Windows machine? Then consider either of these two email programs as an excellent upgrade: Outlook and Windows Live Mail. Here’s our take on both of them.


If you’re a heavy email user with multiple accounts, this program is for you. On the plus side you have the ability to quickly reply, sort, search and organize emails. Continue Reading →