Cut & Paste – without the style & formatting

Paul Horowitz recently posted an interesting article on OS X Daily. If you’re new to a MAC, you’ll know how annoying copy and paste can be because it keeps the original style and formatting. Unlike Windows you don’t have the little clipboard that appears with paste options. When you’re writing an email the text you just pasted with different formatting stands out like a sore thumb.

He offers two suggestions on how to avoid that, but my suggestion is even easier and faster…

Here’s the fastest and easiest way to copy and paste without the formatting and style of the original text:
Select what you would like to copy.
Press Command + c
Click where you would like to paste (i.e., an email) and
Press Command + Shift + V

Your selection is pasted without formatting and style. Works well in all the programs I use regularly like Pages, PowerPoint, Mac Mail and Notes.

Paul’s post on cut & paste:

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