“Migration Assistant says it migrates emails, it doesn’t”

Today I received an email from a satisfied customer with this statement:

“Although Mac OSx Mountain Lion’s PC Windows Migration Assistant says it migrates emails, it doesn’t”

It’s true.  For moving files, photos and music, sure it’s great.  But what about the important stuff?  Email!?  Contacts!?

You’re on your own.

Over the last few months I’ve visited a few Apple stores and asked Geniuses about how to convert email from PC to MAC.  (None suggested a simple solution like ConvertMyEmail or an Apple developed program).  My two favorite responses were:

You need to download this program to your PC, import your emails, export your emails, them move them to you MAC, then import them to Mail.   — St. Louis, USA


Sorry, you’re out of luck.  There’s no way to convert your emails.  — Hamburg, Germany

While the smart guys in blue shirts may not have discovered it yet, ConvertMyEmail can fill in where Apple’s PC Windows Migration Assistant falls short.