You bought your new MAC, now what?

Having personally switched to MAC I know first hand the pain and excitement of switching to MAC! You have the sleek new Macbook or iMac, you’ve converted your email. Now the real challenge: how in the world do you use this thing? Having been a PC user for years, I found difficult to shift from left to right brain thinking–at least that’s what it felt like to me. Some days I was inspired by the simplicity of the MAC and other days I was yelling at my display, what was Steve thinking?

You may be thinking about taking a class at the genius bar (see my previous post if that’s your first thought), but wait. There are lots of great online resources to help you discover how to use and improve your new MAC or keep you update on the latest Mac news. Here are my two favorites:

My favorite source for tips is OS X Daily. Here you can find all kinds of interesting tips on how to change settings, add functionality, remove annoying icons, etc… A recent article on adding attachments to reply emails in MAC Mail was pertinent to ConvertMyEmail, check it out: .

Adam Engst has been running Tidbits for years. Dare I say he’s outlasted Jobs? His daily posts are THE source for the latest scoop on all things Apple: software updates, legal battles, new products, new apps, and more… A while ago he posted a great article about dealing with email overload. Check it out:

Many others could, and may yet, be written about, but these two I really enjoy. Hope you will too!

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