Outlook Express to Outlook OR Live Mail?

Ready to shed Outlook Express and sticking to your Windows machine? Then consider either of these two email programs as an excellent upgrade: Outlook and Windows Live Mail. Here’s our take on both of them.


If you’re a heavy email user with multiple accounts, this program is for you. On the plus side you have the ability to quickly reply, sort, search and organize emails. Outlook can even store your most frequently typed phrases or sentences for quick insertion to emails. Out of the office? No problem, Outlook’s robust Out of Office Assistant allows you send auto-replies for the time period you set. With additional rules, you can even send custom auto-replies to certain individuals or groups. Outlook includes a lot of other functionality–Notes, Tasks, Journal, Calendar and Contacts–all of which run seamlessly together. On the down side, Outlook has to run on your PC, which means when you are on the road you will have to check each individual email account. Click to view Microsoft’s Outlook webpage.

Windows Live Mail

WLM is the successor to Outlook Express. If you want a straightforward email program with decent options, this may be the program for you. Multiple email account support, quick views to see Unread email fast, and a special picture feature make for a nice little program. Users with a Skydrive account can also link pictures and other files to emails so as not to exceed maximum message size. A minor downside to WLM is that each account gets it own inbox. So if you liked the all accounts in one inbox style of OE you’re out of luck. Click to view Microsoft’s Windows Live Mail webpage.