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    Error Messages

    • Error 54: Unable to export emails from account: ***

      This error message is caused when ConvertMyEmail is unable to access the Outlook Express email account. Ensure that the Outlook Express is not running before starting ConvertMyEmail. If the problem continues then uninstall ConvertMyEmail and restart your computer. Then make sure Outlook Express is not running and re-install ConvertMyEmail. This should resolve the issue.

      If after uninstalled your license key/activation code fails, please email technical support.

    • USB Drive Not Listed in Save Files area

      If an installed/attached USB drive is not listed in the “Save to Location:” area, please save the email files to your computer’s desktop.  After the program has run, please transfer the converted files folder to your USB drive.

      Please let us know this happened by emailing,

    • Windows Live Mail to Mac Mail

      This error occurs if the Contacts.EDB file is open or being used by another
      program.  Please close all programs and check the Task Manager to make
      sure Windows Live Mail is not running and run ConvertMyEmail again.

      Please submit a Support Ticket if you have any further questions or issues.

      Please submit a Support Ticket if you have any further questions or issues.

    • Windows Live Mail to Mac Mail

      This error occurs if ConvertMyEmail has issues opening your email account.  Please uninstall and reinstall ConvertMyEmail and try again.

      Please submit a Support Ticket if you have any further problems.

    • Error 44 and Error 27

      These errors occur if ConvertMyEmail has difficulty locating the Outlook folder.  Please make sure Outlook is installed on the same hard drive as your Windows operating system and rerun ConvertMyEmail.

    • Error 35 – Vista Mail to Mac Mail

      We apologize for the issue running the software.  While we are not yet sure why this error occurs, it is rectified by moving your email to Windows Live Mail and rerunning ConvertMyEmail.

      Please follow these steps to transfer your Vista Mail account to Windows Live Mail:
      Download and install Windows Live Mail on your PC:
      Import your emails into Windows Live Mail from Vista Mail
      3) Rerun ConvertMyEmail and select Convert from Windows Live Mail.

      Your email account will now be transferred.

    • Error Message: “ANSI Error – Outlook to Outlook for Mac”

      This issue is caused because Outlook for Mac is not compatible with older versions of Outlook.
      In order to finalize this transfer you will need to convert the PST file from ANSI (or ASCII) to Unicode. Please follow the steps in this link to complete the conversion:

To be safe, please make a backup copy of your pst-file before proceeding.

      1. Create a new pst-file
        In Outlook 2003/2007:
        File-> New-> Outlook Data File…
        When prompted (Outlook 2003 and 2007 only), select “Office Outlook Personal Folders File (.pst)” and press OK
      2. Outlook 2010
        Home tab-> button New Items-> More Items-> Outlook Data File…
      3. Accept the default file name and location or change them as you please.
        Personally I prefer to keep my pst-files in the (My) Documents folder where I have a folder called Outlook. I usually name my pst-files after the account name for which I’m going to store the messages in.
        Example: D:\Users\Robert\Documents\Outlook\msoutlook.pst
        When using Outlook 2003 or 2007, a new dialog pops up where you can specify the display name, encryption settings (not recommended unless you have a very specific need to do so) and optionally set a password on the pst-file.
      4. Switch to the Folder List Navigation (CTRL+6). This will make it easier to also copy your Calendar, Contacts, Journal Tasks and Notes folders.
      5. Now copy all the folders from the ANSI pst-file to the newly created UNICODE pst-file.
        You can do this by drag & drop but since the default drag & drop with the left mouse button is a “Move” action instead of a “Copy” action you must use drag & drop with the right mouse button. Now when you drop the folder, you’ll get a pop-up menu allowing you to choose to Copy the folder.
        This copy also copies all the subfolders.

      We hope this feature will be added in the future.

    • Error Message: “JIT DEBUGGING”

      This error occurs if there is either a missing or corrupt Microsoft .NET Framework Version 2.0 Redistributable Package Installation.

      Please download the most recent .NET Framework available from Microsoft via MSN’s download center:

      Please submit a Support Ticket from our Support Page if you have any further questions or issues.

    • ConvertMyEmail Fails to Install

      If ConvertMyEmail fails to install, please download the software again from the Confirmation Email.  If the installation fails again, please submit a Support Ticket via our SUPPORT PAGE.

    • Error Message: “Miscalculated AGS Value”

      This error message occurs if Outlook Express is open and running. Please close Outlook Express; Confirm that Outlook Express is closed by checking the Task Manager.  Rerun ConvertMyEmail.