Finish Emails Faster With Word Completion

Every morning you open your inbox and think, how am I going to go through all of these emails today?

We could talk tactics all day, but here’s a quick tip to finish those emails a bit faster–word completion.

Apple computers come preloaded with a word completion tool, an effective tool for completing words your not sure how to spell. Or to to simple complete longer words quickly.

To use Word Completion, begin typing any word then click option + esc (some older MACs use F5 or only esc). The word completion menu will appear immediately below the word you began typing and display several word suggestions. Use your mouse or arrow keys to select the word you need and hit Return.

Here’s an example:

You’re writing your friend to tell her how much you loved that video she posted. You start typing, “That was hil…” Hit Option + esc. Words starting with HIL appear. Simply select the one you would like and hit Return. Continue typing.

Yes, you can start with as little as one character, just know that you will not be able to type additional characters while word completion is open. That would be a nice feature to add.

All in all word completion is great to complete longer words or words for which you can’t quite remember the spelling.

And best of all you can zip through those emails a bit faster.

Good luck!