Working with MAC Mail

If your switching to MAC, working with Apple’s Mail program can take some getting used. The great thing though is it’s really simple. Here are three tips for using Mail quickly and efficiently:

1. Writing a New Message – Command+n opens a new message window. Messages can be addressed in the TO: field. Mail autofills email addresses if you have them stored in your address book or emailed them in the past. Manual entry works as well. The same goes for CC: and BCC:. If BCC: isn’t visible, click the drop down arrow just below on the left hand side. Click “Bcc Address Field”, presto. FROM: is a drop down option if you have multiple email accounts. Personally I have five and this function allows me to quickly send emails from whichever account is necessary. Finally to send click Command+Shift+D.

2. How Often Mail Retrieves Messages – Nothing is more distracting than trying to work or surf the web to the constant BING of new emails arriving. Fortunately Mail allows you set this to your likings. Click Mail > Preferences (or Command+,) > General > Check For New Messages. Here you can select if Mail retrieves emails every 1, 5, 15, 30 or 60 minutes. Manually is also an option. Regardless of what option you select, if you want Mail to retrieve your emails now, click Mailbox > Get All New Mail or Command + Shift + N.

3. Using Signatures – Not every email you write needs to have the same signature (the “Sincerely, …” part of your message). Mail allows you to not only create multiple Signatures, but switch simply by selecting them from a drop down box conveniently located on the email header panel. To create a signature click Mail > Preferences (or Command+,) > Signatures. To create a new signature click +. You can enter text, images, links whatever you like. After you have made a few signatures, you can assign a unique default signature for each email account. On the left side, notice each email account is listed. Select the email account. Click the drop down box: Choose Signature. Select the default signature for that account. That’s it. Easy.

Good luck with Mac Mail. Of course, if you have any questions about Mac Mail or comments, please let me know!

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